Minimizing sample contamination in cryo-ET

One of the biggest hurdles in the current cryogenic electron tomography (cryo-ET) workflow is avoiding contamination of the sample. Join the upcoming webinar to learn how the CERES Ice Defence System can minimize ice contamination.


Minimize ice contamination at every step of your cryo-EM workflow

With many sample handling steps in the current Cryogenic electron tomography (cryo-ET) workflow, ice contamination is nearly impossible to avoid completely. Most cryo-ET users report low success rates and low throughputs. Have you ever gotten high humidity in sample preparation rooms, especially in summer? Low vacuum in the sample transfer module? Time pressure on milling your cryo lamellae in the focused ion beam/scanning electron microscope to avoid contamination? A lower than 100% success rate at each of the steps could multiply and produce a significantly lower overall success rate of the cryo-electron microscopy workflow after a tediously long process.

In this webinar, our application specialist Marit Smeets will introduce the details of the CERES Ice Defence System, a series of powerful tools to minimize ice contamination. Join the webinar to see how you can obtain more data and get more insights into highly relevant biological processes working with the three CERES tools.

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