In this webinar, we will

  • list t ice contamination risks in the cryo-ET workflow
  • introduce CERES Ice Defence System
  • explain how to minimize the possibilities of getting ice-contaminated lamellae with the three CERES tools
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Minimizing sample contamination in cryo-ET with Delmic's CERES Ice Defence System

Have you ever experienced high humidity in sample preparation rooms, especially in summer? Low vacuum in the sample transfer module? Time pressure on milling your cryo lamellae in the focused ion beam/scanning electron microscope to avoid contamination?

Watch the webinar to meet our all-in-one solution, the CERES Ice Defence System, which is tailored to minimize ice contamination at the different steps of the workflow – sample preparation, transfer and lamella generation, with corresponding tools – CERES Clean Station, CERES Vitri-Lock and CERES Ice Shield.