What you learn

  • How much the CERES Ice Shield reduced the ice growth in multiple cryo-FIB/SEMs 
  • How you can create more high-quality lamellae per session and thereby obtain higher resolution structures 
2022_Cryo Min Ice Contamination_ResourceLib


Minimizing Ice Contamination During Lamellae Fabrication using CERES Ice Shield

Ice growth on lamellae is one of the most common problems that limit researchers from acquiring high-resolution 3D structures of cellular samples through cryogenic electron tomography. CERES Ice Shield consists of a cryo-shutter that protects the sample from ice contamination originating from the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) column and increases the local vacuum through cryo-pumping. The shutter design comes with a hole that allows focused ion beam (FIB) milling while the shutter is inserted. 

Download the application note in which we demonstrate the reduced ice contamination brought by CERES Ice Shield in in three different cryo-FIB systems.