Webinar: Tackling ice contamination in cryo-ET

One of the biggest hurdles in the current cryogenic electron tomography (cryo-ET) workflow is avoiding contamination of the sample. Watch the webinar to learn how ice contamination can be minimized. 

20210420_AprilBlog_Preventing Ice Contamination

Minimize ice contamination at every step of your cryo-EM workflow

Cryogenic electron tomography (cryo-ET) is an imaging technique that allows the reconstruction of high-resolution models of protein complexes in their near-native state. One of the biggest hurdles in the current cryo-ET workflow is avoiding ice contamination of the vitreous sample. However, because of the many sample handling steps in the current workflow, ice contamination is nearly impossible to avoid completely. Therefore, most cryo-ET users report low success rates and low throughputs.

In this webinar, our application specialist Caspar Jonker is introducing the crucial steps in the workflow that contribute most to sample ice contamination. He also dives into the new developments that aim to minimize contamination in cryo-ET altogether. Request the recording of the webinar below!


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