What you learn

  • what cathodoluminescence imaging modes are used for studying photovoltaic materials and devices
  • what are the sample preparation techniques
  • what are the results of CL imaging of perovskite materials, thin-film solar cells and semiconductor nanoparticles
Thumbnail Webinar CL for photovoltaics webinar


Cathodoluminescence for photovoltaics

If you are working in the field of photovoltaics or optoelectronics, you know that the performance of materials used in photovoltaic devices is crucial. Understanding the efficiency and stability of these materials can be possible with a powerful technique, which is called cathodoluminescence. Cathodoluminescence (CL) imaging can be a great way to understand and analyse fundamental physical and chemical processes in such materials as perovskite, thin-film, silicon and other semiconductors. Industrial applications include quality control and failure analysis.

If you would like to learn in details about the possibilities of CL imaging for measuring and analysing thin-film solar cells and various materials used in the photovoltaic industry, this is the webinar for you.